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    • When you say SFF, do you mean mATX or truly SFF?  Going smaller than mATX has a tendency to change things up a fair bit when planning a build.  Also, do you intend to build this yourself or are you looking for a pre-built? I also agree that $2k US sounds excessive, especially with no monitor(s) needed.  You could certainly spend that if you wanted to go towards the fancy side of things on all your components but I expect you can come in far under that budget if you just want solid, more-mainstream parts. You shouldn't worry too much about DVI/HDMI/DP etc.  DVI and HDMI are fairly interchangeable (DVI just doesn't carry audio) and a simple adapter or format changing cable is all you need.  There are also adapters for DP, so they don't preclude your old monitors either.  Most of the newer display tech (resolutions, refresh rates, features) need the newer connections to be supported so I wouldn't worry about a GPU that comes with a couple of those extra. A basic rundown of what I would suggest you build is: i5-7600 (k or non), Z270 mATX motherboard, 16-32 GB of DDR4-2400 or faster memory, a decent brand-name 450-650W gold rated (or better) PSU, a GTX 1060 6 GB (or higher if you feel spendy), a Samsung 850 EVO or Pro SSD (or an NVMe drive if you want to go fancy) and 2+TB HDD and a mATX case you like.  Oh, and a copy of Win10 (Pro?) OEM.  I'm used to CAD pricing but I expect that will fall in at around $1k USD, give or take a little bit. If that sounds about right, I'm sure some of us will be happy to track down more specific parts and info for you for an order.
    • I agree with Amos' apples. Spend 1k-1.2k. Spend another 300 in 2-3 years to upgrade your graphics card. Save the rest for hookers and blow (or, alternatively, to buy your wife something nice).
    • 2k is overkill if you SO will cut a stink about new monitors. I think of it like this - you could get some amazing specs going for around the 1k mark... lets say 1.2k just to get you some extra poowaaah! that leaves you with $800 to spend on a monitor or monitors and for $800 you could get a really nice monitor or 2. What do you say about them apples?  
    • Most new graphics cards have multiple Displayport outputs, and then usually one of some of the older types like HDMI or older.  So regardless some adapters will need to be used. You gonna be overclocking?
      Need a retail copy of windows?
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