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The conversion to the new forums and skin is done. Information, as well as to leave feedback and comments can be done so by going to thread: [NEW FOR 4.1.X FORUMS] - Feedback & Support


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    • That's more like my cat who would not move apart from eating all day once she gets comfy and no one disturbs her or leaves her alone
    • I love the pink eye pirate clear! I'm only half kidding on cube EF and Rechel.  More than Raekor, WW needs the mobility. Also, super mega jelly of your primal fear leo!  Spent 60b for high fear leo crown, and I can't get above 4.6%!  (That was for speed strafe DH).  Never spent anything close to that on anything in this game!  
    • Buahahahah - love that
    • Don't you get me started on that. Or else I'll do it, and I'll equip my Primal Leo Crown with perfect 5.1% Fear on hit in secondary next time you will ask me to zbarb:)   In all honesty, I think it's about skill and synergy within the group  more than anything. During seasons I usually played with same folks, we knew each other well, and  when I've gotten pink eye on both eyes I told them to go ahead and run with someone else for couple days.  They couldn't repeat results with that other dude, despite his overall experience (he was non botting 2k+ in S10) and ..google maps.  I ended up pulling 114 with them in 10 minutes with eyepatch on one eye. We were all under 2000 paragon back than.  In short, skilled WW Barb will have same or better results than Raekors, but there is a global hatered toward WW barbs, and folks tend to ignore few things. Once I'll be back from vacations (leaving Friday) I'll be happy to prove you wrong on any speed or push:)
    • Oh god, WW. Thoughts on running Rechel Ring + EF? Hi Teddy and welcome aboard!!!
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