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  1. Today
  2. fucking birds have all the fun
  3. Nice, I'll have to check them out if I ever need new fans. Low RPM with lots of fans makes sense - I was imagining them all going full blast, lol.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I only needed a business math class, so my mathematical knowledge stops at 2 + 2 = brick.
  6. Hey Jeff, The majority of the fans are used to cool the radiators. All of them are set to intake with one single exhaust in the rear by the cpu/mobo area. This is a positive pressure setup and I dust my computer once a month with a datavac so it's pretty clean considering I don't run any dust filters. The fans are extremely quiet, which is what Noiseblocker are famed for. I also run them at very low RPM's (600~800) to keep noise levels down. My dual pumps are actually louder than the fans itself believe it or not. Regards,
  7. Glad to hear that you guys are well. Master's in Accounting.
  8. i just started a new course a few weeks ago so far its interesting and we've already been split up into self made groups so we can each make our own game mostly shitty ripoffs of other more famous games or anime such as mine is creating a shitty tamogochi( i think thats how you spell it) Pokemon rip off another is making a sao ripoff and acuity using some of the models from the anime in the game then we have a naval battle sim and i think thats it. after this course is done moving on to a dimploa in games design then second year uni or college for those in the US
  9. Congrats! I'm finishing my final class this fall as well. What's your degree in?
  10. Last week
  11. Glad to hear things are going in the right direction for you with school. I am still at D3 but i think i will give it up by the time we hit D6 or death do us apart. Best of luck.
  12. Hey Viz, It's been about a year and a half since I've last touched D3 and I wanted to see how everyone is doing. I'm sure some of us still play D3, while others have moved onto other ventures inside and outside the Blizzard realm. What has everyone been up to, gaming or real life related? I am entering my 2nd and final year of grad school, looking forward to getting out of school and working in the professional world. Although busy and frantic at times, I think this past year has been a great one for me and I'm looking forward to making one final push to get out of school. However, I've basically removed computer and console gaming from my life, but I do indulge in mobile gaming as its easy to pick up and drop when commitments come up. Lasers
  13. Haven't seen something that great from schmoyoho in a while. I love dumb jokes taken way too far/ seriously.
  14. GR88 done on WD and looted Primal MoJ (from yellow upgrade lol) :D

  15. https://swgoh.gg
  16. What's that?
  17. +1. Don't introduce her to SWGoH. My daughter gives me a hard time playing that. Thanks Maggie!
  18. So, basically nobody?
  19. We have the Medicare system here and it's pretty good. We also have inbuilt insurance with our licenses (road) so accidents won't ruin you if you need hospital time. Work cover is also freaking great when you can't work because of something. It pays less than working but you can still get by for a time. It's by no means perfect but you can get along very well without private health cover if that's out of your reach.
  20. Earlier
  21. Yes, bottom line, i.e. EPS drives every decision or at least impacts it for a publicly traded company, re: most health insurance carriers. Take that motive away and.........what could we have?
  22. beed you might like chonos ruler the story is one of the main characters was bitten by a time eating demon and this causes him to become one day younger with each passing day and with his son they go around killing any time demons they find trying to find the one that bit the father so they can get back his time amos if you like the isekai genre try Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. this one is where the main character dies due to gods screw up and is allowed to take any thing he wants to the world where we will be going to and so he decides to take his smartphone which he uses to introduce new things to this world like ice cream and shogi and as with any good transported to another world story there is the harem he eventually ends up building not of his own will mostly
  23. The horror when I realized he was showing all the fibre lines he couldn't even use...
  24. Ohh I know that guy's channel. Does really good engineering stuff.
  25. Found this gem to put things in perspective. My office is the same, currently 10/10... I want to cry
  26. GR86 solo WD done :) top150 :)

    1. skelious#1163


      Congratulations. :)

  27. I want to do some 85+ tonight!!! Barb or Monk, doesn't matter to me.

    1. RoGeR


      Count me in! Will be around 5:30PM EST

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