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  1. I want to do some 85+ tonight!!! Barb or Monk, doesn't matter to me.

    1. RoGeR


      Count me in! Will be around 5:30PM EST

  2. Welcome!!!
  3. well, i got 1 stash tab back. The armory is very nice!!!
  4. Nice! Can't wait to try it out when I get home from work!
  5. Thanks Doly. Looks like I will just be doing the first 4 chapters and then back to non-season to have Vox carry me in GR100s. <g>
  6. So, does that mean you have to finish a solo GR70 in Season 10 before a Primal can drop? Or you have to have completed a GR70 on a previous seasonal / non-seasonal character prior to season 10?
  7. I don't see any change to the 4-man meta either. Looks like 1 more season of ZBarb, ZMonk, Monk and WD.
  8. LMAO! I loved this video.
  9. Good stuff! I am excited.
  10. I am actually pretty excited about this announcement. The D3 game looks great, I love the combat (even with the lag issues), and I still enjoy playing quite a bit. This might be the start of making Diablo 3 "great again". Just call the game Diablo, and keep adding content and purchasable class packs.
  11. Probably a Wiz Or DH. Anyone want to team up?
  12. i do plan on connecting them to external monitors when I am at home, so I will take your advice and look into the 1070 gfx cards. The 2 I looked at so far are the 1060 models.
  13. Any recommendations? Right now I am torn between 2 different brands, Razorblade and Alienware. 15" with 1060 gfx cards in them.
  14. +1
  15. Viz is being black-listed by Blizzard.