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The conversion to the new forums and skin is done. Information, as well as to leave feedback and comments can be done so by going to thread: [NEW FOR 4.1.X FORUMS] - Feedback & Support


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  1. Working as intended.
  2. Welcome.
  3. That is an awesome machine!!!!!
  4. Yeah they did a great job. Wiggle away bro.
  5. @Garble Go back to studying R please
  6. Found this guide on reddit interesting stuff. https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/6egxrm/an_indepth_analysis_and_guide_on_lon_spirit/
  7. Teaches the basics but does not cover to much of the basics of programming. https://www.codeschool.com/courses/try-r This one apparently is more thorough. https://www.datacamp.com/?tap_a=5644-dce66f&tap_s=93618-a68c98 Good luck.
  8. I actually have the Kingkiller series on my list, going to pick up all the wheel of time books to read again this time back to back. It did get a little soft in the middle part of the series but it picks fairly quick in my opinion.
  9. Hey Noctem see you on Mumble later, and welcome back to D3.
  10. Oh good stuff thank you for doing that. Makes it easier to understand even for me.
  11. I know some folks do not go to the blizz forum so here is some information. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20698502#items
  12. Cool hope it works out for you, looks good.
  13. Oh wow that is a darn big change. I hope things work out after the summer, this could be fun. Thank you.
  14. Hey ximae, circumstances have changed a bit for now so i am doing a few up grades on my current system for now. I picked up the Evo 850 500 gb, evga gtx 1060 6 gb. I think i am going to wait until after the summer for the rest. I currently Have a Phenom x4 965 and 16 gb`s of DDR 3 memory. So considering the only thing i run on this pc is D3 i will be fine for now, got a decent deal for both items. But thank you for the input. I will definitely reach out when things change.
  15. A few of my friends that Have Ak`s say there is not much of a difference between the K7 series and the other models they offer. Now that pricing for them is pretty much the same as DXRacer any reason to go with the Ak`s?