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  1. well met ..again Glad youre with us GANDALF STORMCROW
  2. awesome!
  3. how did it go?!?

    1. Maggie


      Doing ok, doctor said it was large tumor. He said its been growing and that it looks like had for a long time . Like 20 years  have some pain in my throat and neck , but doing ok. Doctor is doing a biopsy 

    2. Alavar


      well the good news is..if it had been growing for that long...i would assume you would have had symptoms of cancer..not just a big tumor. Im hoping for the best for you mag.

    3. Maggie


      Thank you 

  4. Magpie! I leave you with the Wizards 8th rule: "Talga Vassternich. Deserve Victory." A speedy recovery to you!
  5. holy shit it's my doctor! ahoy.
  6. sexcellent. the stein is full.
  7. Anyone casually playing this? 26 bucks pre owned at local shop...getting it tonight... <3
  8. Ya phatty..sale ended day after valentines..
  9. My brother and Cousin just bought it...let me know if any of you pick it up...Sale is on until Monday...11"00 PST i believe.. peace. Alavar/Skuhlk/Tavlin/Brandon/Who cares
  10. Thanks guys!
  11. At work...are they releasing 2.4 today/now?? Alavar!
  12. Wife bought me ps4 on black friday...gave on christmas. I bought Reaper of Souls for like 23 bucks with the 20% off coupon they gave. ANYONE play ROS on PS4? My username on PSN is Skuhlk. Add me or msg me here. Thanks. No, I'm not quitting PC. Alavar/Skuhlk/Brandon
  13. What is this madness? http://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/52227-How-do-you-snapshot-for-WW-Barbs "Prolly the best way to do it is to use Pain Enhancer gem and find a big pack of white mobs, WW around so it procs the gem to get the attack speed boost, then WotB, stop WW, use a pot and start WW again" Is this some top-secret barbie doll info or...what. I knew I was doing something wrong...but quaffing a pot? The above post is from June 2015. answers? trolls? noob insults? I'LL TAKE IT ALL. I cleared a 56 with-out snapshot and I want to know what I'm capable of with it! Alavar Skuhlk-barb!
  14. Ahoy! I've played D3 since launch--though my son was born just 3 months before so my time was definitely split up quite a bit. My first character was the Wizard and I was happy as a CM wiz. I had always wanted a lightning-stun build that was a dps monster...never saw that happen. Also played D1 on playstation and D2. I'm in AND from Maine and love playing/listening to music, backpacking...etc. I switched to DH and Barb just prior to patch 2.0 and haven't really looked back. I've geared my wizard and crusader and tried the popular builds but I leaned heavily into the latest IAS and CDR (non-seasons) builds with the barbarian. I will attack the wizard again after patch 2.3. I always research any build/class heavily before diving in and am quite social though my voice gets quiet-er after 10pm as my computer room is above the bedroom... no one wants to hear my wife rage I generally log in whenever possible but faithfully from 730pm-1045 eastern standard. -Brandon Alavar