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  1. Semi-related, Just started binging the Overlord light novels since I was getting so hyped for season 2 of the anime. DEFINITELY worth a read, each volume is ~250 pages. Season 1 of the anime covers Volume 1-3. Currently 4 volumes are out in english and 10 in Japanese. It explains so many things I never noticed or thought were overlooked in the show, plus its way further along. So far I've bought and read the first four official English translations (all that's out). Gonna move onto fan translations found here for volumes 5-9 because english ones are taking too long.
  2. Its still going strong, in areas with cheaper than average power, return on investment for a ~$200 card can be as low as ~35 days. After that pure profit for just running the program. AMD's cards currently have the best performance to cost ratio, after factoring in both upfront and operating cost. On the plus side, this is giving Nvidia's competitor a much needed cash infusion, but don't expect availability to come back until cryptocurrencies crash or AMD ramps up production. There's also now a shift towards the GTX1060 since it has similar performance, costs more, but is available without price gouging. Expect this to be a thing in the near future until a crash, or dedicated hardware hits the market for a better price/performance ratio for mining and stays available.
  3. Wait, you weren't a member already?
  4. Apparently AMD's recent generation were particularly fast/efficient for mining many types of coin. I think it peaked in 2016 before too many people bought them. But people were getting a RoI on a $200 graphics card in as little as 40 days for dedicated rigs, after factoring in electricity costs. I think the block difficulty has increased since then, or something has changed and made that not much of a viable option anymore. The rest are done on super specialized machines yeah.
  5. To get to the point: What wallet is recommended for a long/medium term investment and why? What are the recommended exchanges/methods for buying into a currency to minimize fees and and exposure of personally identifying information? Been looking to be ready diversify into a crypto currency, generally been following news and info about it on the side since it intersects with a lot of the tech websites I follow but I've not bought into it yet. From a few hours worth of reading, it seems like for the popular currencies it isn't worth mining unless you have something like a RX480 or similar ATI GPU, so buying low/selling high like a stock is the ethos to operate by. As far as wallets, I've been reading each of the wallets listed on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_bitcoin_wallets so far. Currently favoring using the Exodus wallet, privacy and security are important, but an upfront $150 investment for a physical dongle like TREZOR seems too high a cost for the low risk of compromise while occasionally tossing $$$ into a wallet while maintaining key backups locally.
  6. And your rage makes me laugh...so it fits the thread
  7. fucking GG looking
  8. Few questions: What are the dimensions of the master data set 'oly'? is it 45 rows by 2 collumns? is it 2 rows by 45 collumns? and are you sure that when you're using the built in functions to sort that it the functions aren't trying to numerically sort strings, giving the error? If need be, you can likely brute force the process by splitting the source data into an array of pure numbers, sorting that, then looping back through the data to match number of metals with its proper string description, for example, if you assume 'oly' is a 45 row by 2 collumn array looking like this: oly = ("Wrestling", 1200) ("Weightlifting", 600) ("Water Motorsports", 5) Ect.... Generally below each time I reference an array the syntax I use is: ArrayName(Row# , Collumn#) Then what you might want to do is define an array with only medal counts and populate it with the values from the second collumn of the source data, and make an editable copy of the original data to use as a checklist/cross-out list for later: For A= 1 to 45 { MedalCount(A) = oly(A,2) } Checklist = oly The above would be similar to the syntax I would use in matlab, where A is a variable I used as a counter to define the length of the looping operating above. The result would be an array that is 1 collumn by 45 rows, only containing the medal counts. Next I would try to use a built in function on this, as it now should only consist of numerical values rather than possibly containing any strings: Sort: MedalCount Then define a matrix to repopulate with sorted data, starting with some number that doesn't appear as an amount of medals, and fill it in with the string data that matches the original values: ****Define Matrix full of known value**** For A = 1 to 45 { For B = 1 to 2 { SortedData(A, B ) = -1 } } ****Replace one collumn with sorted medal numbers**** For A = 1 to 45 { SortedData(A, 2) = MedalCount(A) } ****Test Medal Number against each value in checklist, if a match is found, use that value in the table and erase it afterwards so as to not get duplicates if two categories have the same number of metals***** For A = 1 to 45 { For B = 1 to 45 { If SortedData(A,2) = Checklist(B,2) { SortedData(A,1) = Checklist (B,1) Checklist(B,2) = -2 } } } At the end of all of this you should have an array SortedData the information you can plot. Though I don't know how much of the above is even doable in R, as I wrote the above for matlab which lets you take lots of shortcuts in making multidimensional arrays/matrixes, and the syntax for doing loops is likely different.
  9. Its a pretty basic heroes tale kind of thing. Always need something to get the plot going for the protagonist to leave home, and something for them to overcome.
  10. I'm not a programmer, also haven't programmed in R. Unless there are built in functions for doing so, don't you need to populate an array with the strings (text) for each bar along with its value? then sort that array and then display a new graph with data from the sorted array.