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  1. fucking birds have all the fun
  2. Haven't seen something that great from schmoyoho in a while. I love dumb jokes taken way too far/ seriously.
  3. Ohh I know that guy's channel. Does really good engineering stuff.
  4. Found some good new ones this season: - Fate/Apocrypha - Made in Abyss - Mahoutsukai no Yome Also, watched first four episodes (only released) of Castlevania and it was really good. Look forward to more.
  5. Yeah it's a shitty time to be looking for a mid-range graphics card. Prices are only not inflated at the high end and very low end. The sweet spot of the Nvidia GTX 1060 / GTX970 or the AMD RX570/RX580 are completely out of whack.
  6. Nice man! Beast of a computer. Probably gonna be a while longer before I can justify an upgrade to my system, next up is my mobo/cpu/ram and there hasn't been a leap there since I bought mine two or three years ago. AMD finally putting more pressure on intel, but still looks like the upcoming generation isn't a large enough leap forward to pull the tirgger on it. Maybe in a year or two more.....by then hopefully Optane/3dxpoint will be close to mainstream NVM SSDs in price per GB.
  7. sup dude
  8. Got primal tal gloves last night. Fucking baller

    1. RoGeR


      Lucky SoB :) Gratz Beed. Thanks to Melkor I got pretty GG Frosties for my WD.

    2. skelious#1163


      It is a great feeling when that primal is useful congrats.

  9. Hope it goes well, good on ya.
  10. That's pretty cool man, those look like the kind of things you could buy a print for and hang on a wall.
  11. So far this season all I'm watching are carry-overs from last season of Boku no Hero Academy and Re:Creators. I really need to find time to watch the Castlevania series released on netflix, hear nothing but rave reviews on it and I love the other work that the producer has done.
  12. Well you do pay for the service in taxes, but far less per capita.
  13. Cleared solo 50 w/empty cube, tks for thw pwr lvl guys

    1. RoGeR


      It was fun yesterday :) The most stressful part was trying to keep up with this bloody Wizard of Cam.