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  1. Only one I'm actually proud of because it took ages to make.
  2. Only with recurring payments of $49.99.
  3. ^Like most people say/agree with... levels don't matter.
  4. I'm actually gonna try this tomorrow after work and solo explore different parts of the city. My kid brother regularly visits the local ports to look for Water Pokémon after he's done with work. He's literally a fisherman from the main series games.
  5. This is NYC in a nutshell right now. Not even an exaggeration. It's like the late 90s, early 2000s all over again. The nostalgia is real for me.
  6. NERF THIS. ...And Blizzard did the opposite. That's fun stuff.
  7. I just always end up on weird sides of the Internet.
  8. Void and I have been completely consumed by Pokémon GO. Reliving the late 90s/early 2000s.
  9. Catching Pokémon in my office.

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    2. WeAreLasers


      Back to work JH.

    3. RoGeR


      I would like to see faces of other peeps at ur office when you were chasing pokemon lol.

    4. Jaetch


      @BDF - Free to download, free to play. You CAN buy coins to purchase more consumable items.

      Will need GPS access because everything is real-world location based. Like I just walked down the street earlier, took out a Red Team gym (Void and I are both on Blue Team) at the Chrysler Building.

      My office building is actually a Poke Spot (unique real-world locations that grant free items periodically in-game) so I'm kinda sitting on an oasis reaping items half AFK.

  10. Learn Genji. My old man reflexes < ninja.