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  1. I actually found myself in need of this today, but sadly it was taken offline.
  2. If your still playing seasons I'll add you and we can do some runs together if you want

    1. Venaliter


      Sure am! I'm on n all the time :)

    2. Shadow


      didn't like copy past for some reason but the requests sent

  3. His ban for the ascii penis was permanent. Sadly. Too bad. The penis was well deserved.
  4. You are sadly missed, BDF. That said, they dont even pretend feedback is important to them now. PTR stands for Patch Testing not Required
  5. See everyone Friday Night for Seasons! Hopefully I can find a group to level with. Be great to see everyone!

  6. I find myself strangely ambivalent about the PTR; there are some good changes, but no real item changes or skill changes, and that's where I really, really want to see change. I want to channel with DMO; I want to play Vyr's as Archon, I want Firebird's to move away from Fazula's; I want to be a ranged wizard slamming meteors down; I want all that to be viable, and none of i really is.
  7. I think the made-or-break for me on buying the "Necro Pack" will be a pass on some of the horrible items they are introducing. Manald Heal? Come on. It's so bad.
  8. Damn it, Phatty. I dove on this like Hilary Clinton dove for the "delete" key. I thought there was actual infoz. I am shattered.
  9. If anyone noticed, the 20 year Diablo 3 "retrospect ive"  is being held on the main stage. So yeah. Diablo 4 is pretty damn certain now.

    1. BDF


      A new game announcement is too big of a thing imo for the schedule to only have one 45min talk on Friday and a 1-hour dev talk and q&A on Saturday.  Still predicting teasing a new content update, handful of legendaries, and maybe a teaser of some new non-game Diablo IP related thing like a book or visual novel.  Tease of new expansion at the absolute most....but I find even that unlikely.  All that being said, I would love to be proven wrong.


    2. BDF


      Then again there is now this about Tom Chilton being put on a different project within Blizzard: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749706380?page=1#1

      Wonder if its Diablo related, and even if it is...would it be something that we would expect to hear about so soon after announcing the change in position?

    3. Venaliter


      I thought the same thing as soon as I saw the blog. I am betting it's Diablo, but it's probably 2 years out at least.

  10. There's been a few new legendaries. Most of them are pretty bad. Some are very good. No way to tell who implemented the legendary or how long they were in the pipeline.
  11. I think an expansion is off the table; they got rid of most of the D3 production/designers. Most likely d4 - and that'll be years away.
  12. I know everyone misses me, so I thought I'd drop in and announce Blizzcon is teasing a Diablo announcement at Gamescom.

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    2. RoGeR


      They are going to announce that they will remove FB from game as they can't fix all the bugs :P

    3. Venaliter


      I don't think they announced anything new. What the hell? They said new content for ALL franchises. Diablo got nothing? More to come?

    4. EmperorMao


      Oh Ven. It's not easy to quit the Kool-Aid.

  13. One of Blizzards most incredibly stupid and incompetent hotfixes yet, if not THE most incredibly stupid and incompetent hotfixes yet.
  14. I always had better xp/hour doing 85-87s then higher GRs, because the speed I could do them was considerably faster. Also, a lot of the xp was recently moved to completion of the GR, rather than mobs. I think 85's-90s will be the way to go.
  15. Heathens. Blasphemers! The only True Diablo is Seasons. Also, looks like Riv from the Wizard forums may join us for S7 if someone can pin him down. I'd say just invite the dude, he's been on the wiz forums for awhile. I like the dude, but its not up to me.