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  1. Happy birthday bud - I did not forget All the best!
  2. BDF + Doly I know you guys can correct my caveman math here..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAEpfHHazZI
  3. 6 posts from 5000 posts.... how to make it a good one????

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Boozor


      Wow - Mao! - you left a gem comment in there as well, made me lol haha

    3. EmperorMao


      Wait which comment was that?

    4. Boozor


      first one in response to aimless - followed by the next subsequent half dozen lol

  4. waiting for pokemon Go to consume me. ....
  5. Losing the 12.5% coin flip. Sucks ya. I saw pens do that to someone when his Ragnaros hit face for exact lethal with 6 or 7 enemy minions are on the board. Honestly - this happens quite often. A lot of times, playing for a 10% chance to win is all you can do sometimes. In Arena, you run into this situation VERY often.
  6. Straight G compton loser talk.
  7. When I saw her preview for OW, I was like - this is my kind of character. Total troll - looks like a troll too.
  8. 22% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  9. Introducing - "Booz Bucks" @ Twitch.tv/boozortv  


    1. RoGeR


      what the hell is dat?

    2. Boozor


      Currency in Boozland.

  10. lol vikes - the best Welcome fellow Canadian. Together we will conquer the world !
  11. Get on mumble fools!
  12. Games alright. Point and shoot, no recoil. There is definitely a lot of room for skill to take over. Both individual and team skill ceiling seems very high.
  13. Mzy - follow while stream is live for cool shout out!