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  1. how did it go?!?

    1. Maggie


      Doing ok, doctor said it was large tumor. He said its been growing and that it looks like had for a long time . Like 20 years  have some pain in my throat and neck , but doing ok. Doctor is doing a biopsy 

    2. Alavar


      well the good news is..if it had been growing for that long...i would assume you would have had symptoms of cancer..not just a big tumor. Im hoping for the best for you mag.

    3. Maggie


      Thank you 

  2. True. Thank you RoGeR
  3. Thank you everyone, in a lot of pain. My surgery went well.
  4. I might be out for a while. I am having surgery tomorrow. If all goes well I should be back quick. Thank you
  5. Yep HC D3
  6. Lol
  7. I miss playing Hardcore already. Cant wait to be back home.....
  8. Welcome to the Clan
  9. Wishing all the Dads or soon to be, a Happy Father's Day.
  10. Welcome to the Clan
  11. I ran 3 days of bounties. No legendary from cache bags
  12. Put in a ticket for legendary items not droping in cache bags from bounties. Anyone else having this problem?
  13. Happy Birthday
  14. When did you say season 9 is starting?
  15. Sounds good, hope to be on when season 9 begins