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  1. Wishing all the Dads or soon to be, a Happy Father's Day.
  2. Welcome to the Clan
  3. I ran 3 days of bounties. No legendary from cache bags
  4. Put in a ticket for legendary items not droping in cache bags from bounties. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Happy Birthday
  6. When did you say season 9 is starting?
  7. Sounds good, hope to be on when season 9 begins
  8. Happy New Year my friendĀ 

    1. skelious#1163


      Happy New Year Maggs :)

  9. Wishing everyone a safe, Happy New Year.. long lasting healthy life, and goals to achieve your dreams. May the New Year bring you nothing but happiness in your life . HAPPY NEW YEAR VIZ
  10. Disaronno on the rocks............
  11. Starting my packing today. My cabinets come in on Thursday. We are putting them in ourselves. Dont know if i can handle my kitchen being a mess. Today my day off. Going to try to get some D3 time in later. Dont want to waste my day off with work. Blah blah
  12. Thank you Cam
  13. Been really busy with work. My cabinets are coming in on Thursday. We are remodeling our kitchen. Just want to wish everyone Merry Christmas
  14. Thank you
  15. Lol.... they didnt go to sleep til 2am....wow