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  1. It's no use, canadian.
  2. I haven't done any R in the past but I am a programmer... If you have general questions feel free to ask
  3. no fking way this old man is still playing

    1. Melkor


      Occasionally.  I do enjoy the direction the game has headed since the cat eater left. (that's you, kiddo)

    2. void1872


      well im back. wheres the don? 

  4. void bot initializing 

    1. RoGeR


      Are you coming back?

    2. void1872
    3. RoGeR


      Yay. Me happy

  5. First time posting on Official Forums asking advice for CM wiz First $250 purchase from booz - trifecta LoH ring First snipe - quad barb ring 2b gold => $250 rmah First time getting on JWNZ's mumble server and meeting Pens,Jung,Snicks and Doly -- The original Team Pooped On! Discussing AH snipes all day with Jung Edging Pens into spending 5b apiece for his vanilla barb when he claimed spending 5b in total Salvaging a Teeming Necklace accidentally Snicks and his "peeing" DH First big purchase from korean guy to make dagger CM wiz Discussing SMS with doly and running in FOM to test Junger prepping the Crypts with his 30dps dagger prep barb Melkor giving me my first ever Thunderfury Melkor coming over to Boston and got scorched by a quail egg Fucking Melkor smoking pot in my room Meeting up with Pens Jung Melk JH Gcanum at pens place! Junger and his gg SMK drop Late night Jade+EP exp grinding with Kanji Hitting top 10 for 4 different classes in Era 1 Hitting #1 with Kanji and Snicks for 3 man First time Hype played his fear doc - terrible lol Killing Saxtrix with JH on epic 2 man clear
  6. K need new MMO game. anyone know any?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tang



      Been playing this game lately, it's pretty fun.

    3. WeAreLasers


      Hamtaro best hamster

    4. void1872
  7. How do you know you're not already dead? screw you.
  8. You better not make me die to melk-bots or NME next chapter melk.
  9. Dota2
  10. damn finally a new chapter
  11. taught kids English by having them listen to Eminem songs. LOLOL

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    2. Melkor
    3. void1872


      you know i should have them listen to CM:ALS

    4. Junger


      Playing DOTA while they're listening to Eminem???

  12. What does melkor say?