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The conversion to the new forums and skin is done. Information, as well as to leave feedback and comments can be done so by going to thread: [NEW FOR 4.1.X FORUMS] - Feedback & Support


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  1. Guy has been attacking everyone lately, he needs a taste of his own medicine. How has Pensfan hurt you or what are some of his shortcomings. 1. Never helped group with Zbarb 2. Selfish when we were trialing More to come
  2. Not saying an immense amount of work didn't go into this but........+1 for old layout back.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Boozor


      +1. Feel its a bit less sophisticated compared to the previous version both in look and function. <3 Dred

    3. WeAreLasers


      I'm just gonna blame Jaetch. 

    4. BDF


      Good idea lasers

  3. Remove all existing points and grant new stash tab per 1k levels?
  4. Still the issue with exp though, for me anyways. Would want to compete with gear/skill (lol) instead of time played. The hardcore guys will still have that much more
  5. 2/3k lol. When will it end. Need a complete reboot, wish plvl was gone or tuned differently
  6. How is this game now?

    1. RoGeR


      If you ignore botters then much better. A lot of diversity in solo play. Group is 3zDps and Wiz

    2. Masta


      I wish I could tell :D

  7. What are peoples paragon levels nowadays?
  8. Officers are watching you, remember that. Promoted when all competitive players/aspects are gone. Grats? I still have powers you could only imagine RogeyPoo, my dear dear RogeyPoo. Don't underestimate the old forgotten guys. Lookin good in green buddy!
  9. New sig material.
  10. ^ Doesn't even play. In before.... < Not even in clan
  11. Willing to sell or let anyone dupe (can you do this under new management?) since I bought yesterday.
  12. Actually, nvm. I can do 200 paypal.