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  1. I only needed a business math class, so my mathematical knowledge stops at 2 + 2 = brick.
  2. Congrats! I'm finishing my final class this fall as well. What's your degree in?
  3. Get on Mumble and let do some GRs!
  4. I'm in if we can get at least 6 others. I'd prefer standard scoring over PPR so that RBs are worth more than 3rd down pass catching backs.
  5. Good to hear.
  6. You'll be fine, and will be back soon.
  7. I don't think anyone has the right answer for how to fix it. Forcing taxes for services not required is bullshit. People not getting care because it's over-priced is bullshit too.
  8. I think there are only a few days left (ends June 26) to complete the Heroes quest to earn the new ghost wings for patch 2.6. I was able to knock it out in about 4 hours. Simply ask for help doing to the D3 AI games in public chat, accept friend and game requests, and knock them out.
  9. Happy Father's Day. Lots of new ties and Chewbacca pajamas (my daughter got a matching set and thinks it's the coolest thing ever) at the Garble house this morning.
  10. Remember when you could do that in hardcore? Bring all the mobs into town, then hide in Leah's house, and then make the game public. So many pissed off people.
  11. If Ken sees 200+ ping he rage quits.
  12. I don't know shit about R, but I can point out Rankian's Theory in nearly every story written since the epic Iliad.
  13. I haven't read it, but I have read this: Rankian's Theory of the Hero Myth Introduction In 1909, Rank wrote The Myth of the Birth of the Hero, and according the Segal, this is the classic Freudian analysis of hero myths. Rankian's theory is that Hero Myths contain ten basic elements. Element One The boy (the hero) is the son of royalty or immortal parents. Element Two Difficulties preced the conception of the hero. Element Three The child's life is threatened when a dream or oracle warns the father or another person of authority that the boy (the hero) will pose a threat. Element Four The boy is separated from his parents. Element Five The boy is exposed, usually in a basket or other receptacle. Element Six The boy is put into water. Element Seven The child is rescued by animals or underlings. Element Eight The baby is reared by animals or lowly persons. Element Nine The hero is recognized as such, usually because of a mark or wound. Element Ten The hero is reconciled with his father OR he exacts revenge upon his father.
  14. That's what I did, or at least attempted to do. 'oly' is the master data set, and 'Sport' is the filtered column. When ever I try to sort by 'as.numeric' or 'count' I get errors that there is no numerical value to sort against. I talked to a co-worker and he has the same failure. Apparently there is a vector we need to build before the string I posted that we haven't been shown, and we're supposed to already know. Like I said, this is an advanced data science course focusing on R, and I have never written a single string in my life until now.
  15. I can't figure out how to reorder Sport to display they highest numerical value to the top. I've tried just about every code imaginable, but there is no Y variable.