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  1. its been the 27th here for a whole freaking day already, i want Necro!

  2. near perfect ancient orb wand... and i reforged it into a pos leg :( I am never reforging again.

  3. Well it's just currency trading that you can do with any currency. The single difference here is that you can setup a mine while you work for established currencies. So it's like a hobby trading system. I traded in currencies before and the gains... aren't the greatest but it can be fun. Still that was things like $, pound, yen and all that. As far as crypto is concerned i think feathercoin and coino are worth looking at. They have a good business philosophy behind the currency and are growing well. They really want to focus on community and long term viability which is nice.
  4. Forgot about the service time on bliz... spewing, really wanted to play tonight

  5. maybe we can get some folks here to team up and knock them out? I was thinking about doing it but, i dunno, guess i'll give it a try in teh next day or so... but 4 hours... we will see
  6. I would probably watch that. I'm really enjoyign the esports stuff atm
  7. Well i think there might be mining targeted cards in the near future as i have herd that asrock have a mining mobo in the pipeline targeting script based currencies. I'm going to have to stay on top of retail dates because vega is gonna dissapear when it hits all i want are 2 vega cards on matx... probably not gonna happen lol.
  8. how much fun does this look like
  9. So i know the US has had some issues of late in keeping radeon cards in stock, but in the last week or 2 Aus has also been hit. Every single retailer that i use is totally out of all rx470-480 and rx570-580 cards. Seriously wtf? has someone started a gigantic bitcoin farm or something? because seriously there are much better ways to go about it. I wonder if people will flood the market with radeon cards after they get over this bitcoin phase, because it would be hilarious to see people trying to off load their cards for cheap. The best part is that Vega is like a month or 2 around the corner lol, polaris will offer no return value soon imo. One thing though i think it will be wise to put in pre orders or get in super early for the vega launch because if this bitcoin phase is is still going by then it might be hard to get your hands on early release samples for actual gamers. I like the ideas behind crypto currency and i'm not against it but this bandwaggoning kinda pisses me off, trying to get a quick buck, please. I wonder if folks think that they can farm for a month and suddenly have a few bitcoins or something lol. I am super stoked for AMD though lol, their sales must be through the roof and posting record numbers for the quater lol. Lucky bastards, i wonder what nvidia is thinking haha.
  10. I'd rather be told i can't get in than getting in and having to deal with 1000-2000 ping rates. Last night was just unplayable. Damn motels The thing is that the other day roger power leveled me and it was like a rock solid 250 ping, freaking perfect.
  11. you can run gpu's (amd's are the best) the thing is that they run to 100% ability so you have a decent chance of failure over time (and you need to be running 24/7) I don't think a $100-$300 is a bad idea if you want to get some actual mining machines, i have spent much more on other hobbies. The best way to get into it is to go for a bit of fun, maybe start your own de sentralized currency too. You might make some money or you might not. The killer will be your electrical bill. Barnaculese did some stuff about it and his video has some good links to get you started:
  12. Why

    typical crappy apple
  13. i'm so awesome i solved the issue without even posting lol.
  14. Great work man, really clean lines on the pipes and the pass throughs are fantastic. I'm sure it will keep you good company for many years.
  15. wow now thats a guide. Looks really full on, kinda wish every major build had guides like that - is it weird to enjoy reading technical stuff? lol. All that needs is some wiggle wiggle theory and we are all set.