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  1. We have the Medicare system here and it's pretty good. We also have inbuilt insurance with our licenses (road) so accidents won't ruin you if you need hospital time. Work cover is also freaking great when you can't work because of something. It pays less than working but you can still get by for a time. It's by no means perfect but you can get along very well without private health cover if that's out of your reach.
  2. Found this gem to put things in perspective. My office is the same, currently 10/10... I want to cry
  3. Um... caution, i guess, like brutal language in this one, i mean real heavy, but i can't stop laughing... so uh click at own risk:
  4. I'm rewatching Beserk lol for the 'no smexy times' but i totally feel where your coming from, the last lot of anime have all sort of felt like a harem fest, but the isekai genre is really coming in strong latelly so there is that. Worth checking out 'soul eater not!' (almost maybe kinda? i dunno i am into it atm). last exilt - fam the silver wing sunday without god Gamers and Aho girl are my current freshest favs for this season but they have a bit of a harem feel about them (knights and magic is okay) jigoku shojo 4rth season is out i think as well... but i have fallen off that bandwaggon (not hardcore enough for me anymore lol)
  5. Maaaaaan i hate you guys. I pay $90 a month fot a whopping 10mbps, i can upgrade to 100mbps for an extra $15 a month. And thats the fastest in all of oz. Hell i moved house to get it because not all of oz has that service. Fuck my first world life
  6. aho girls sounds like the ticket for me, still need to finish kings avatar and kado.
  7. beed gonna start hiding porn in here soon
  8. its been the 27th here for a whole freaking day already, i want Necro!

  9. near perfect ancient orb wand... and i reforged it into a pos leg :( I am never reforging again.

  10. Well it's just currency trading that you can do with any currency. The single difference here is that you can setup a mine while you work for established currencies. So it's like a hobby trading system. I traded in currencies before and the gains... aren't the greatest but it can be fun. Still that was things like $, pound, yen and all that. As far as crypto is concerned i think feathercoin and coino are worth looking at. They have a good business philosophy behind the currency and are growing well. They really want to focus on community and long term viability which is nice.
  11. Forgot about the service time on bliz... spewing, really wanted to play tonight

  12. maybe we can get some folks here to team up and knock them out? I was thinking about doing it but, i dunno, guess i'll give it a try in teh next day or so... but 4 hours... we will see
  13. I would probably watch that. I'm really enjoyign the esports stuff atm