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  1. i remember those days they were fun to bad blizzard decided to be a kill joy and prevent that from happening again
  2. Sort of related been reading the Shura's wrath novels recently it's got a very very interesting story and cast it is also another VR type thing but set really far into the future where all disputes between countries are settled in the virtual world. Essentially rich guy wants to stop his younger sisters forced marriage to another rich guy and to do so she needs to get enough money to match the entire wealth of the family in 2 years so he gets this other guy who he met years ago when he stood up to the best player in the world. Simply by saying i'll give you this medicine for your sister that puts her disease into stasis for 10 years if you will help my sister with her goal in this new game i will provide you with everything you need for the game, as in the equipment and everything else. It's way better than Sao and the like and i really hope it gets animated although it would be pretty hard if it does get animated i hope its done by the same studio that did the kings avatar as its a chinese novel.
  3. beed that mugshot what the hell also that hand
  4. I've read of all the aesthetica of a rouge hero light novels that are translated they have skipped the ones that are part of the side story's and there is more than enough content on them to have a second season plus also there are a lot more fight scenes later on and it goes into some more detail about his time in alayzard and before he was summoned
  5. kings avatar news
  6. Why isn't that green bar
  7. sounds about right
  8. i have one thing to say hahahahahahahahahaaha 330 minutes on a side note just happened to me took about 10 secs to log in after it came up with that saying 1 minute
  9. Never mind figured it bracers must have had % lightning on them
  10. Please explain to me how my archon form deals lightning damage with vyrs 2 set and combustion rune on
  11. Why

    Is it that every time I make a post on my iPad it creates 2
  12. This a montage of stuff that makes you rage
  13. If I really needed too I could probably list all of the books I have read and have yet to read it would be a really really long list I read a lot I am currently reading draekora book3 in the medoran chronicles
  14. There are 14 books in the wheel of time series and in the middle it starts to focus on the other charecters in preparation for the final books