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  1. i just started a new course a few weeks ago so far its interesting and we've already been split up into self made groups so we can each make our own game mostly shitty ripoffs of other more famous games or anime such as mine is creating a shitty tamogochi( i think thats how you spell it) Pokemon rip off another is making a sao ripoff and acuity using some of the models from the anime in the game then we have a naval battle sim and i think thats it. after this course is done moving on to a dimploa in games design then second year uni or college for those in the US
  2. beed you might like chonos ruler the story is one of the main characters was bitten by a time eating demon and this causes him to become one day younger with each passing day and with his son they go around killing any time demons they find trying to find the one that bit the father so they can get back his time amos if you like the isekai genre try Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. this one is where the main character dies due to gods screw up and is allowed to take any thing he wants to the world where we will be going to and so he decides to take his smartphone which he uses to introduce new things to this world like ice cream and shogi and as with any good transported to another world story there is the harem he eventually ends up building not of his own will mostly
  3. i'm kinda waiting for amos to appear and say something like in Australia this is our health care system or something along those lines
  4. Odd dog
  5. That's more like my cat who would not move apart from eating all day once she gets comfy and no one disturbs her or leaves her alone
  6. I can sort of see what makes you laugh it's more he's half shocked that theres someone behind him and half him tryign not to laugh
  7. Not too sure where this belongs but this is the music video for the chronos rulers anime opening
  8. 1 thank you 10 what the hell do you think you are doing
  9. Chronos rulers fits that discription and maybe knights and magic if your looking for an absolutely stupid anime that fits that discription try aho girl. Also 18if and vacitcan kiseki chousakan
  10. Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo Ni is good and is really interesting
  11. So what anime are we interested in for this season so far for me i am liking knights and magic, aho girl, 18if, chronos rulers and Vatican Kiseki Chousakan still got to watch first episode of Shoukoku no Altair
  12. Amos we all know that you will do it long before beed
  13. So what do we all think of the new class so far
  14. i remember those days they were fun to bad blizzard decided to be a kill joy and prevent that from happening again
  15. Sort of related been reading the Shura's wrath novels recently it's got a very very interesting story and cast it is also another VR type thing but set really far into the future where all disputes between countries are settled in the virtual world. Essentially rich guy wants to stop his younger sisters forced marriage to another rich guy and to do so she needs to get enough money to match the entire wealth of the family in 2 years so he gets this other guy who he met years ago when he stood up to the best player in the world. Simply by saying i'll give you this medicine for your sister that puts her disease into stasis for 10 years if you will help my sister with her goal in this new game i will provide you with everything you need for the game, as in the equipment and everything else. It's way better than Sao and the like and i really hope it gets animated although it would be pretty hard if it does get animated i hope its done by the same studio that did the kings avatar as its a chinese novel.