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  1. Glad to hear that you guys are well. Master's in Accounting.
  2. Hey Viz, It's been about a year and a half since I've last touched D3 and I wanted to see how everyone is doing. I'm sure some of us still play D3, while others have moved onto other ventures inside and outside the Blizzard realm. What has everyone been up to, gaming or real life related? I am entering my 2nd and final year of grad school, looking forward to getting out of school and working in the professional world. Although busy and frantic at times, I think this past year has been a great one for me and I'm looking forward to making one final push to get out of school. However, I've basically removed computer and console gaming from my life, but I do indulge in mobile gaming as its easy to pick up and drop when commitments come up. Lasers
  3. Nvm.
  4. Hahaha I found this to be freaking hilarious!
  5. Want me to make a comeback and carry you Jelly?
  6. While I no longer play Diablo, I'm still hopeful for some major announcements at Bliizcon. Let's be real though, last year was a complete disappointment for Diablo fans and with Overwatch and Hearthstone being really huge hits right now as well as World of Warcraft with Legion releasing around the corner, I just don't see Diablo getting as much exposure as we all hope it to be. But going along with the trend of previous Blizzcons, we'll be only teased with new legendaries/items in upcoming seasons. They'll also give us new ingame goodies for reaching milestones in Hearthstone and Overwatch...lol.
  7. No I'm not MoonMoon haha. I'm just a scrub-tier peanut with no skills.
  8. Whoaaa that's way too fancy for what I'm looking for haha. Definitely looking for something cheaper Any other suggestions on the top of your mind Doly?
  9. Hey guys, long time no talk! I hope you all are doing ok! I am currently in the market for a new computer desk, actually I'm kind of being forced to because my current desk is "too big". My current desk is a corner desk and I'm looking to replace it with one that hugs along just one side of my room (if that makes sense). I'm looking for a desk with multiple layers for its utility and ability to hold a lot of stuff, I don't think having just a plain flat top desk would be enough for me. I definitely do have a budget and would like the desk to be below $300 but I can adapt if the desk is what I'm looking for. This is my current desk. You can see that it is pretty massive. http://imgur.com/a/Hqev4 If I can get something similar to this, I would be very happy. The utility is there but I hope the price is there too. http://imgur.com/a/BGAU1
  10. I got so many potgs yesterday, I fucjing killed it last night!!!
  11. Some people actually really like the lore of Overwatch so as long as they keep on pumping out chars and start revealing more about their background, fans will eat content out of Blizzard's hands.
  12. I'll play if all 12 players agree to play battle mercy
  13. I got POTG on Lucio last night and it was pretty boring one as well. Feelsgoodman, stealing glory from the dps characters.