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  1. 3 Blue gobs in 1 Vault - Garble's Puzzle Ring too strong :)

  2. GR96 done NS - no 1 in clan NS

  3. GR93 done@12:28 Will try to push higher but some of the rifts make you cry. Still very big disparity between them. Fishing is real :D

  4. Ty
  5. I wanna do it today - I'll be online about 5PM EST (10PM BST), maybe earlier if anyone wants to group
  6. Need someone to do HotS for Wings. Anyone willing to group?

  7. So ... Amos went seasons :) and rolled ... barb :) anyone can advise regarding gearing?

    1. Shadow
    2. Amos


      cheers for the links, i will be all over this tonight

    3. Cam


      if you're looking for zDPS set up, just look at mine. tis the standard

  8. Welcome here
  9. Wiggling is getting out of control.

  10. That looks like a piece of art Nice job seras!!!! Well done
  11. GR90 done w/o Hydra or CoE. Minimum for this season acomplished. Time to put myself in top1000 wizards :)

    1. skelious#1163
    2. Amos


      is top 1000 that hard? i always thought people aimed for front page? ATM is you can do a 95 in 14min or under you are on front page. Is going from 90 to 95 that big a deal?

  12. Yeah, we weren't pushing in or making anything happen. Needed to initiate somehow. Yeah. Dat feeling when you know you need to start doing something (even stupid), otherwise your team is going to stand in choke and do shit.
  13. Dat charge @19:48 lolz. My way of dealing with things - shame u missed it. Proper chaos creation
  14. You my friend just made my day!!! Yay!!! TY!!!!
  15. I've got a bad feelings about this conversation. It may end up in tears.