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  1. GR88 done on WD and looted Primal MoJ (from yellow upgrade lol) :D

  2. What's that?
  3. GR86 solo WD done :) top150 :)

    1. skelious#1163


      Congratulations. :)

  4. Frustrating night yesterday :( Almost mo one to run with :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RoGeR


      I didn't roll Seasonal toon to play NS. Spent too much time on it.

    3. Masta


      Didn't we want to do a GR100 2 player at least? 1-2 hours ns won't hurt you too much my friend ;)

    4. RoGeR
  5. Anyone up for some GR85+ today? I'll be on after 5:30PM EST

  6. +10000000000000
  7. Welcome to the clan! Hope you enjoy here
  8. Yeah go ahead and play your fantasy American Rugby League
  9. So I can easily call your game American Rugger or American Soccer. Hahahha too GG This is getting even better: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_(word) According to alternative entymology of word 'football' I can call baseball, volleyball, basketball, handball or any other sport with ball and played on foot as FOOTBALL
  10. At least I got my ORIGINAL willy not some kind of copy of English game
  11. American Rugby can kiss my ass and my willy
  12. Nah. This is NOT a football. This is American version of rugby. FOOTball should be played by kicking ball with FOOT most of the time, not CARRYING it around the field
  13. Good to hear that. FYI. Fun fact - D3 is the best pain killer
  14. Good luck and get well soon.
  15. Very impressive doly. Good job!