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  1. https://www.asus.com/us/Monitors/ROG-SWIFT-PG279Q/ http://www.microcenter.com/product/479097/G428_Desktop_Computer ^New Rig!!
  2. no fking way this old man is still playing

    1. Melkor


      Occasionally.  I do enjoy the direction the game has headed since the cat eater left. (that's you, kiddo)

    2. void1872


      well im back. wheres the don? 

  3. A Wild Melkor has just appeared!

  4. Hey melk is your chainapoc build still good for the high torments and or grifts as I got a wand of woh today and was wondering if it's worth grinding for the pieces for it or not

    1. Melkor



      I couldn't tell you a thing about this game anymore.  I'm actually willing to go as far as to tell you that I don't even know WHO could tell you a thing about this game anymore.  Sorry!

    2. Shadow


      ok thanks anyway

  5. Happy birthday to the both of you!
  6. Still lookin. G, have you downloaded it and played it?
  7. Tonight. Tomorrow during the day. Lmk.
  8. So you haven't been completely honest with me. Anyway, Dabs - https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/is-dabbing-good-or-bad-or-both I personally find the process for enjoying Dabs to be very chemically and reminiscent of "dope". There are some really terrifying drugs out there, and the more terrifying they are, the more they tend to include things like "powders", "needles", "cooking", and inhaling very concentrated, chemically induced vapors. Beed, I can't begin to express to you how easy it is to find the right environment to smoke weed. Most sessions and environments are pop-up dude, meaning you can effectively be standing in the middle of a shopping mall and puff a vaporizer or eat a brownie with little to no risk, if your confidence is strong and you're not a fucking idiot. And of course, if you're smoking actual weed, you can always make a spoof. You'll need a roll from a Paper towel roll, a rubber band, and a dryer sheet. Wrap the dryer sheet over the end of the roll, rubberband it in place, and exhale all hits through the roll, from the unmodified end, of course. Absolutely nothing that comes out of the other end of the spoof will smell like weed. Hard to believe, but 100000% accurate. This shit is real Beed. There's no lie about the effects of weed differing from strand to strand. Here's my crash course on this subject: 1. There are essentially only two types of weed - Sativa, and Indica. Every "Bubble-gum Kush" or "Sour-Diesel" strain you hear about is ultimately the child of one of these parents. It is believed that Indica strains are more likely to give you a body high, and more likely to induce "Couch-lock". That's a fact. I prefer these strains, because I enjoy being physically "comfy" when high. It is believed that Sativa strains are more likely to give you a "head high". People tend to have a higher chance of being very active on Sativa strands. Both strands may induce hunger, excessive laughter, thirst, dry mouth, etc. There is no strand that hits everyone the same way. There are so many "symptoms" of being under the influence of marijuana as well, and some of them are so bizarre, but most of them would be described as benign or enjoyable. If you happen to walk into a dispensary and they actually have a lot of strands to choose from, go with a sativa strand for star viewing, as you don't want to get so lost in the sky that you forget what you were even looking at. Plus, if you need to drive, Sativa will leave you with more functioning motor skills and less loss of Sensory Store to Short term memory conversion issues...you know, for finding your way out of the park or back to the hotel, lol.
  9. Well the most important thing in this process is whether or not you have access to weed. If you do, acquire some. But that's not always totally easy for someone who has spent their whole lives out of this type of scene and decides they'd like to try. So if this is a problem, message me privately. And that's all I'll say about that. Since you are a craftsman by nature, I will give you the best approach from someone who understands your style. 1. Decide your preferred method: A. Eating - Be warned, if you have never partaken in marijuana before, this is not a great place to start, for a number of reasons. First of all, many people will tell you that the first, second, third, and sometimes (super rarely) up to the 6th time they tried marijuana, nothing "happened", or, they didn't feel any of its effects. There are people that have gotten blown-out high on their first attempts, though. Edibles tend to illicit very strong effects, and if you happen to be one of those people that can get high right away, you're likely going to have an overwhelming and frightening experience. So I'd pass on edibles, at least until you're more comfortable with marijuana in general. B. Vaporizing - This is a pricier entry point into the culture, but there are advantages to vaporizers. Keep in mind, vaporizers pertain to many forms of marijuana products: Oils, Wax, Shatter, Dry Herb, Dabs For a newbie, if you decide to go the route of a vaporizer, I'd highly recommend you go with a Dry Herb vaporizer. It's the closest thing to, "natural" that you're going to get, and you won't feel so....weird about it. The first time I "packed up" a wax vaporizer, I felt very much like a "druggie". I don't prefer them. The thing about dry herb vaporizers is, they tend to suck, unless you get a good one. I highly recommend the PAX line. I own a PAX II, and they just released a PAX III. They're super straightforward to use. (You basically grind up weed, put it in the "oven", and wait for the indicator light to turn green) The PAX II goes for $199.99 on average, as of right now. The PAX III is going to run you close to $300.00. Like I said, a pricier entry point. C. Old fashioned smoking Smoking is obviously the most conventional method for partaking in marijuana. If you're going to smoke, and you're going to be outside, a joint or a rolled cigar is going to be the easiest to manage vessel, but there's a lot of strings attached: 1. You have to know how to roll one of these things. Definitely easy for you to learn Beed, but an art in and of itself. 2. If it's going to be super windy, you're going to have a hard time keeping the joint from just burning straight through itself. Happens all the time :/ You could get yourself a cheap $10.00 glass pipe from your local gas station. There's actually a lot of advantages to going this route that people oftentimes overlook. 1. If you were to accidentally mishandle, drop, or break this piece of shit...who the fuck cares? It was $10.00. 2. If for some reason you were to feel the need to instantly get rid of this pipe (cops, family members approaching, etc.), who the fuck cares? It was $10.00. A lot of people will criticize those who use cheap glass pipes. I criticize them too, if they're in the comfort of their home, and the environment is safe, I would obviously prefer to have a higher quality glass pipe. I grew up in the 90s and well, that's what we did back then, damn it. Whichever path you decide to take with smoking, make sure your weed is broken up finely. A grinder is a good tool to have, but not unless you are going to make this a more common occurrence. Questions?
  10. Respect to an OG. Well done.
  11. Shadow still weird af
  12. A well written and interesting analysis of an ancient and already known failure on Blizzard's part.