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  1. So, basically nobody?
  2. None of this has anything to do with a Viz Fantasy Football League. As per usual, soccer fans just have to make everything about them.
  3. Your willy is just like soccer: all it can do is flop.
  4. Soccer can kiss my ass.
  5. With the season coming up, I was wondering if people might be interested in a <Viz> league? Size depends on interest. 1QB/3WR/2RB/1TE/1FLEX/1DST/1K, 0.5PPR, ESPN (just keep it simple)
  6. I've seen both Psycho-Pass and GitS live-action. Psycho-pass S1 is totally worth the watch. s2, I quit about 2 episodes in, it sucked. GitS... mediocre action movie, and I think you are right that I would have liked it more if I hadn't seen the original. If you haven't seen Your Name yet, it's pretty good to very good. I really enjoyed it.
  7. Ready for some Armory/stashmanage-ablo?!
  8. This appears to be in the datamine btw: Disintegrate Cost: 18 Arcane Power / Channel a beam of pure energy, dealing 390% weapon damage as Arcane. / Disintegrate damage is increased by 250640% weapon damage every second, up to a maximum total of 8901670% weapon damage as Arcane. So that's about 2,6x damage, maxing out at at 2.5s. Has anyone tested this?
  9. Armory Mat storage Primal Ancients (30% higher than reg Ancient) Torment gating (need to beat solo GR instead of paragons) No more bonus acts for bounties
  10. DH, as I don't have a usable one really NS. I'm quitting the second I get stash tab though
  11. >> What do you recommend ? Cowboy Bebop (Space Cowboys + Jazz) Code:Geass (geoploiltcs +mechs) Baccano! (non-chronilogical storytelling) Death Note (ultimate cat and mouse) Fullmetal Alchemist (Fighting! Philosophy lite!) Stein's Gate (Time-travel and tropes!) Samurai Champloo (swords and hiphop) Ghost in the Shell - all movies/shows (cyberpunk) Legend of the Galactic Heroes (old - strategy/tactics/spaceships)
  12. Then I'd say HT garg still works and Raiment monk for dps, support monk/barb for zdps. UE DH should also gear up pretty quickly, but it cant go very high generally.
  13. I think they are using tal's/archon w raging storm. Basically the same thing people were using before they started cornering mobs. Now I hear it's bouncy in small rooms.
  14. It's inferior to S6 wiz, I'm not so sure it's inferior to anything going right now. Most of the Asia LB is Twister wiz/HT Garg/support monk/pull barb right now and they are on new era w/hotfix. . So maybe people can still play WD. Should lose about 100% dmg total (add furnace/Taskers, lose RoE).
  15. Let's put together some groups for tonight. Please remember that WD is nerfed to shit and most probably won't be in the meta. Looking like Twister/Archon Wiz, Gen Monk (or 2nd Wiz), Support Monk, Pull Barb. WD will still be pretty decent Solo btw. I'm running monk. I'm assuming I'm w/ Cam and Jokey, as is tradition. Remy seems intent to try solo massacre bonus.